STEAM Week 2024 at the OCSB

This week marks the start of our fourth annual #ocsbSTEAM Week for students across all grades, Kindergarten to Grade 12. And no, it’s not a retreat to a Scandinavian spa! Instead, it’s a chance for your child to celebrate and explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math through learning activities and virtual events.

Each day, running from March 4th to March 8th, will spotlight a different aspect of STEAM. Monday kicks off with an exploration of science, followed by a focus on technology and trades on Tuesday. Wednesday is dedicated to engineering, Thursday to the arts, and Friday to the joys of math. Throughout the week, exciting challenges and live events will be available in both English and French.

A week of exploring career opportunities!

This week isn’t just about fun and games; it’s about opening doors to future career opportunities. It’s no coincidence that STEAM Week coincides with high school students selecting their courses for the upcoming year. Our high school programs empower students to discover and nurture their talents and passions. This week’s activities will inspire high schoolers to consider science, trades, technology, engineering, arts, and math courses. STEAM Week is a platform for students of all ages to explore potential career paths and glean insights from industry experts.

#ocsbSTEAM Week at a glance

#ocsbSTEAM Week promises a dynamic lineup of events, providing students with hands-on experiences that seamlessly complement their classroom learning.

#ocsbSTEAM Week Challenge!

Educators will guide their students with a grade-appropriate challenge throughout the week. Remember to ask your child how they learn about STEAM in their classroom!

Grades K- 6 — Things that Move

The focus will be on design thinking and the creative process centering on things that move. Students work collaboratively through the process while embedding Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Marth, Religious Ed, Social Studies, and Indigenous Perspectives.

Grades 7-12 — ME and STEAM

Students will participate in activities designed to explore career pathways in STEAM.

STEAM Week Highlights

GradeActivities and eventsDate 
7-9Coding with Python in Science and MathMarch 4
7-10Skilled Trades Academy Presentation March 5
1-6D’IDELLO de STIAMMarch 5
7-12STEAM Career PanelMarch 6
5-6Microbit BonanzaMarch 6
TeachersOutdoor Learning Workshop for Educators March 6
K-6 Asynchronous Art ActivitiesMarch 7
11Algonquin College- Creative DesignMarch 7
K-6Math/ Arts and Outdoor Learning- Asynchronous March 8
7-12Math in the Arts! March 8
AllTinkercad SIM LabMarch 8
AllMagic School AIMarch 8
4-8Google Teachable Machine March 8

Participate and follow along on social media!

Whether your child learns in-person or online, you and your child can experience #ocsbSTEAM week at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Share your photos and experiences online using our hashtags: #ocsbSTEAM, #ocsbEL (experiential learning), #ocsbScience, #ocsbTechEdge, #ocsbArts, #ocsbMath #ocsbFSL (French), #ocsbCodes and #ocsbCSEd (computer science).

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