Equi-Talks Podcast: Equi Talk with St. Stephen’s Stallions

In today’s rapidly changing education landscape, new and innovative approaches are constantly being explored to enhance learning and promote inclusivity. One such example is the initiative undertaken by the Equity Committee at St. Stephen School, led by teacher Jessica Hodgins and her coworker Alex MacDonnell and later joined by Melissa Gillespie. This committee was established to provide educators with comprehensive resources and promote inclusivity within schools.

Recognizing the power of voice and the importance of conversations, Melissa Gillespie suggested the creation of a podcast titled “St. Stephen Equi-Talks: Stallions Shaping Equity.” The podcast was enthusiastically received by the Grade 6 students of St. Stephen. Seventeen students from three different Grade 6 classes expressed their interest in participating, reflecting the initiative’s resonance with the younger generation.

The podcast is recorded in a cozy and dimly lit room in the school. It is designed to align with the OCSB Days of Significance calendar, ensuring the topics discussed are relevant and timely. This podcast encourages educators to continue these important conversations in their classrooms. The subjects discussed are diverse, ranging from bullying, mental health, Lenten projects, and celebrating exceptionalities and differences. These topics cater to educational needs and touch on crucial aspects of Deep Learning.

The podcasting process is a collaborative effort. Students and their educators meet once or twice weekly during lunch breaks to engage in open and honest discussions. These dialogues are not just conversations but learning experiences for students and teachers, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding. The conversations are then edited by educator Melissa into concise episodes of 15-20 minutes, making them accessible online, involving parents and the community, and offering a platform for them to engage with the school through the website. This approach creates a safe and nurturing environment for the Grade 6 students, facilitating open discussions on various subjects and enabling them to assume meaningful leadership roles as they prepare for their transition to high school.

The Equi-Talks podcast initiative at St. Stephen School is a shining example of how innovative approaches can enhance learning experiences, promote inclusivity, and foster community engagement. This initiative benefits the students and teachers of St. Stephen. It sets an inspirational example for educators everywhere, demonstrating the potential of creative educational methods in shaping a more inclusive and empathetic learning environment.

To listen to the podcast, you can visit the podcast homepage.

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