New School Year, New Perspectives: Welcoming Nyanhail Domac and Jaden Zhang as Student Trustees

Say Hello to OCSB’s Newest Student Trustees

Jaden Zhang from Sacred Heart High School and Nyanhail Domac from St. Pius X High School are this year’s Student Trustees for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Student Trustees 

Student Trustees work closely with Student Council co-presidents at OCSB high schools to help support the student community. They sit in on the regular OCSB public Board Meetings, where we can bring the student perspective to our school board’s decision-makers.

Fostering Community

One of Jaden and Nyanhail’s primary objectives is fostering a stronger community among OCSB schools and students. By bridging gaps and facilitating communication, Nyanhail and Jaden aim to create a united front where every voice is heard and valued.

Prioritizing Well-being

Nyanhail and Jaden are committed to encouraging their peers to prioritize self-care and mutual support. Student voice matters!

Why Should You Get Involved in Student Council Activities?

Student Councils coordinate school events, boost school spirit, and provide feedback to co-presidents, offering students opportunities to make friends and build school pride.

Here is to Making Memories

We’re excited to see Nyanhail Domac and Jaden Zhang in action as they embark on this exciting journey to represent and empower their fellow OCSB students. Let’s make this school year memorable and filled with hope and positivity.

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