OCSB Recognizes Volunteers, Individuals and Community Partners

The Ottawa Catholic School Board acknowledged the remarkable contributions made by our volunteers, community partners, and individuals at its Board Meeting held on June 27, 2023! Their unwavering support and commitment play a vital role in establishing the OCSB’s reputation as a prominent educational institution world-wide.

Chair’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer – Erinn Ladouceur, CSPA/PIC Chair

Erinn Ladoucer was honoured with the Ottawa Catholic School Board Outstanding Volunteer Award! Her unwavering commitment to our students and families is truly remarkable. As the Chair of CSPA and PIC, Erinn’s exceptional leadership has created a warm, inviting atmosphere that inspires parents to engage and contribute.

Erinn has organized several parent engagement opportunities and introduced innovative professional development programs for parents. The crystal plaque presented to her features hands holding a globe, symbolizing her commitment to service to our Board and the greater community. We are grateful for her years of dedicated service and are proud to recognize her with this well-deserved award. Erinn’s contributions have truly made a difference, and we are fortunate to have her as part of our Board.

Chair’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer – presented to Traci Clarke, Chair of SEAC

Traci Clarke was awarded the Ottawa Catholic School Board Outstanding Volunteer award for her unwavering commitment to supporting students with special needs and their families. This recognition is a testament to her selflessness and dedication over the years.

Traci’s dedication to providing practical workshops and resources has empowered parents to actively participate in their child’s educational journey. The Board of Trustees extends their heartfelt congratulations to Traci and thanks her for positively impacting the lives of those she serves. BRAVO Traci!

John Curry is the Inaugural Chair’s Award for Service Excellence

John’s sister Jane Hill, a retired OCSB Principal, accepted the award for the late Trustee Curry.

Over 20 years as a Trustee for the Ottawa Catholic School Board, John made significant contributions to Catholic Education. His efforts positively impacted the school community he represented and the committees and Board he served on.

John was an exemplary participant on various committees, serving as a Committee Chair and demonstrating a deep commitment to the causes he championed. As a Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) member, John was a driving force behind implementing programs focusing on students with special needs, working tirelessly to ensure every student had access to an inclusive learning environment. Additionally, John’s passion for French Immersion in rural and small schools resulted in French programming in all 83 OCSB schools. As a member of the Historical Committee, John was crucial in overseeing the publication of “150 Years of Catholic Education in Ottawa-Carleton 1856-2006” for the Board. 

John showed great respect for the dignity of everyone he encountered and worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes for every Ottawa Catholic School Board student.

Inaugural Vice-Chair’s Award for Community Partnership – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa

Susan Ingram, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa and Keith Egli, Board Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa, accepted the award.

Big Brothers Big Sisters was awarded the inaugural Ottawa Catholic School Board Vice-Chair’s Award for Community Partnerships. This award recognizes community partners and agencies’ impact on our School Board.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has a range of programs available in numerous OCSB schools that aim to boost children’s and youth’s self-esteem and develop positive attitudes towards school. The In-School Mentoring and Meet You in School programs pair screened volunteers (Big) with a youth/child (Little) for a one-hour weekly meeting, in-person or virtually during school hours. The PRISM program is an innovative mentoring program tailored to the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The Big G (Generational) Mentoring Program is another program available to students, matching young mentees with enthusiastic mentors aged 55 and up. This program provides an excellent opportunity for mentor and mentee to learn and grow together.

We appreciate the outstanding partnership that Big Brothers Big Sisters has with the students and staff of the Ottawa Catholic School Board and we are grateful for their continued support.

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