St Francis Xavier Students Are Space Bound

St. Francis Xavier Students Connect with International Space Station

This Friday will not be your average school day for St. Francis Xavier’s grade 9 Science classes. Instead, the high school students will be hanging out with US Astronaut Warren Hoburg.  Students will speak in real time to astronaut Hoburg while he is on board the International Space Station via HAM radio.

ARISS Brings Countries Together Through Radio Science

This is all made possible by the ARISS program (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station), a consortium of ham radio operators across nine countries internationally.  The HAM radio operator is Brian Jackson, who is in Airdrie, Alberta!

How It Works!

Ms. Jackson will make direct radio contact with the astronaut on the Space Station. He will also be connected to the Ottawa high school via Google Meet.


One of the program’s goals is to involve students with amateur radio and to provide an opportunity to learn about radio science. Connecting directly with the International Space Station allows students to speak via amateur radio and learn how the radio system works. Hopefully, students will gain insight into life in space and may be inspired to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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