Catholic Education Week Mass & Awards Ceremony 2023

The 2023 Catholic Education Week Mass, presided over by the Most Reverend Archbishop Marcel Damphousse, occurred on Tuesday, May 2, at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica.

“We are Many, We are One” is this year’s Catholic Education Week theme. This year students and staff will focus on the commitment of Catholic school boards to promote the dignity of the human person.

The Director of Education Commendation Awards were presented following the mass. This award is the highest honour given to employees for making an outstanding contribution to the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

See this year’s recipients in our Director of Education Commendations Booklet.

  • Rachel Abraham
  • Joan Bell
  • Cynthia Belliveau
  • Kelly Burguete
  • Hugh Cameron
  • Julian Daher
  • Mario Deller
  • Susan Farrell
  • Elaine Fortin
  • Mario Francoeur
  • Sarah Girimonte
  • Carrie-Anne Gravel
  • Ann-Marie Haley
  • Chuks Imahiagbe
  • Heather Johnston-Godin
  • Melanie Keogh
  • Kristina Kirkham
  • Yolanta Krawiecki
  • Annick Levasseur
  • Romina Lombardi
  • Shawn MacEachern
  • Emilia Maisonneuve
  • Merling Mendoza
  • Nathalie Moreira-Malheiro
  • Michael Muise
  • Ray Nash
  • Julie-Anne Nihmey
  • Sherri Rayner
  • Stephen Roddick
  • Derek Rogers
  • Brandon Shirley
  • Derek Spriet
  • Patricia¬† Thompson
  • Jolly-Beatrice Toussaint
  • Ann Marie Vanneste
  • Brett Walker
  • Holly Walsh-MacInnis

Congratulations to all the Award Winners on this prestigious award recognizing their dedication and service to Catholic Education!

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