Tech on Wheels Delivers Hands-on Learning

Ottawa Catholic Schools Board high school students have many options following graduation, but exploring those choices is limited. A new OCSB initiative hopes to make it easier for students to test-drive various possible career destinations through technology. Every career sector in the trades incorporates sophisticated tools and technology. The OCSB Tech on Wheels trailer transports tools between our schools, allowing students throughout the Board to explore the world of tech.

The Tech on Wheels trailer contains five stations featuring technologies in different career sectors and allows students hands-on experience. Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) students act as ambassadors for their respective programs when grade 10 classes visit the stations. No one explains the benefits of the SHSM program better than the students already participating in the program!

  • At the Smart Living Station, students learn about Smart connected devices that are remotely controlled and monitored by Bluetooth and Wifi while having the opportunity to wire a small light and change its colour. 
  • With the Smart Design Station, students familiarize themselves with different tools used in car repairs using virtual reality and the oculus quest headsets. They explore the world of welding with a Chromebook app that allows them to practice basic skills.
  • The Smart Transportation Station introduces students to autonomous vehicles as they code a K8 Robot Car to drive at different speeds and change directions.
  • At the Smart Manufacturing Station, students learn about prototyping using a 3D printer and designing small items that get cut using laser technology.
  • The Smart Health Station exposes students to various technologies in several sectors, including hospitality, emergency services, and the environment. Students learn about the process of tempering chocolate; they test blood pressure monitors, oximeters, and touchless thermometers and take part in soil testing while learning about hydroponics technology.

Watch this short video to see highlights of the stations in action.

The Tech on Wheels program aims to increase student’s awareness of the variety of skilled trades available and to encourage students to consider taking tech courses. The activities at each station help them to make the connection between programs offered by their schools and future technologies.

The trailer has already visited four OCSB high schools and will arrive at St. Patrick’s High School next week. Visits to five more schools are being planned for the coming months.

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