The OCSB International Student Program builds the foundation for friendships and future success

The Ottawa Catholic School Board’s International Student Program welcomed students from 57 countries in 2022! International students are an integral part of our school family. The bringing together of students celebrates diversity, acceptance and a willingness to learn about new cultures, creating vibrant, welcoming school communities.

Ottawa-based students learn as much from their International peers as the International students learn from them. As the school year progresses, students share and celebrate each other’s cultures through music, art, food, dance and traditions, enhancing the experience of all OCSB students.

The International Student Program forges lasting friendships and lifelong memories. While in Ottawa, International Students participate in Canadian life through fun events, from bowling nights to outdoor adventures and memorable trips to Niagara Falls and Montreal.

What does the OCSB International Student Program offer?

Faith-based values

While a child’s academic success is very important, most would agree that it’s even more important their child grows up to be a good person. At the OCSB, we provide an education that respects the universal values of all faiths, grounded in Catholic principles.

Our Deep Learning approach

At every Ottawa Catholic school, we focus on helping your child develop global competencies: citizenship, character, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. By developing the whole child, we are creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Pathway to Post-Secondary Education

International families choose OCSB high schools for their child because we are all about preparing their child to thrive as their future selves. We have a variety of programs and supports that allow students to explore their talents and interests while preparing them to top North American Universities and Colleges.

A Welcoming Community

International students are warmly welcomed to their school community by OCSB leaders, principals, guidance counsellors, teachers, host families and members of the community.
At the Ottawa Catholic School Board, our goal is to support all students’ diversity and well-being, flourishing and having a strong sense of belonging in their school community.

Why do international students choose to study in Canada?

Canada offers a safe, diverse, and welcoming environment for international students. Not to mention, Canada was voted the number one country people would most like to live in by U.S. News & World Report, 2022. It’s a great place to experience a new culture and education system, gain independence, and prepare for post-secondary education. Canada is home to some of the world’s top universities and colleges; some are right here in Ottawa! 

Cristobal, an OCSB international student from Chile, describes the Canadian people as “so nice, and the teachers are helpful!” and Maria from Spain says, “I was given multiple options to choose from to study abroad, but I chose to study in Canada because of its diversity and cultural experiences.”

Can international students register anytime?

Students can register anytime by following our application process. Our school year goes from September to June, but our second semester for high school students starts on February 2, 2023, and we are excited to have some new international students joining us for the semester.

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