Friday Feeling | January Joy!

For this week’s #ocsbFridayFeeling, students were thrilled to be back to reconnect with their teachers, classmates and friends. The learning began right away as students sorted, balanced and even cooked their way through the week. What a wonderful start to the new year.

All smiles at St. Michael School, Fitzroy as friends were so glad to see each other on the first week back to school.

St. Anne School students enjoyed some friendly games and reconnecting after the Christmas break. 

St. Mary School students experienced the joy of the season and how nice it is to give gifts at Christmas time.

A great way for the students at St. Augustine School to create achievable goals for the new year.

Colourful parachute fun brought a lot of smiles to start the year at St. Brother Andre School.

Coming back to school and discovering and enjoying new balancing resources at St. Philip Elementary School

Fantastic work by the St. Martin de Porres School students for being recognized for their efforts with energy conservation.  

Winners, winners everywhere!  These proud St. Luke School, Nepean students received well-deserved prizes for their entries in a poster contest.

The St. Emily School students got right to work creating patterns, working together, observing and learning from one another.

So much joy for January in the yard at St. Rita School as students dove into sledding, snow angels and shovelling.

Great to hear firsthand what it takes to become a doctor to pique the interest of the St. Matthew High School students.

Did someone say pasta?!  Nice for the Notre Dame High School students to prepare a homemade meal to celebrate the end of the first semester.

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