Ottawa Catholic School Board Wins National K12 District of the Year MindShare EdTech Award

Ottawa Catholic School Board is the K12 District of the Year – Mindshare EdTech Award Winner. The EdTech Awards is an extensive recognition program for education technology. The award recognizes people/organizations for outstanding contributions to transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

This year’s winners were judged based on various criteria, including: 

  1. Pedagogical workability 
  2. Efficacy and results 
  3. Support
  4. Clarity 
  5. Value and
  6. Potential 

Tom D’Amico, Director of Education Ottawa Catholic School Board, said he is proud of the staff, students, and our many partners at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. “Together with our Board’s focus on Deep Learning and the humane use of technology, we create innovative learning opportunities. These opportunities support a sense of wellbeing and community in the classroom, in-person or virtually.”

Mr. D’Amico added, “As a board, it is our responsibility to help develop citizenship and promote digital integrity. We are helping to shape the future tech leaders daily in our OCSB classrooms, and this award recognizes the collective work of our staff and students.

To hear more about how OCSB combines its Deep Learning philosophy with how it delivers technology, you can listen to a MindShare Learning Moment featuring OCSB Director of Education Tom D’Amico.

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