Friday Feeling | Reaching new heights

For this week’s #ocsbFridayFeeling, students expressed joy in being outside, celebrating Halloween and birthdays and reaching new heights in their learning. Kindness was shown to one another, to nature and to God for the many gifts and blessings we are grateful for.

Thanking God for nature and sweet students who remind us to be grateful at St. Philip School.

Celebrating birthdays and beautiful weather at St. Augustine School.

Costumes and smiles filled the hallways at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School on Halloween day this week.

Even superheroes need help sometimes. Spiderman was lucky to have an older student come to his rescue in the yard at St. Gregory School.

Future engineers using teamwork at St. Gabriel School to measure and build an apartment.

When students work together, they can reach incredible heights. That’s quite a tower built at St. Stephen School!

The weather could not have been nicer to swing, climb and learn outside at St. Monica School.

St. Leonard School is blessed to have this outdoor classroom which was put to good use this week.

There are so many interesting objects to build a structure with at St. Anne School.

Seeing, discussing and then writing about an image was taken very seriously by the St. Luke School, Ottawa students.

A kind act by a student at St. Francis of Assisi School will mean growth and sustenance for the classroom garden.

Researching and learning about specific saints on All Saints Day at St. Isabel School.

What do you do when your teacher at St. Luke School, Nepean finds a beehive on a walk? Why you watch a video and learn everything you can about bees and hives.

Reading a book about taking care of the environment spurred the St. Augustine School students into action to make sure the yard is a clean and safe place for humans and animals.

Such concentration and collaboration at T. D. McGee School.

The science of plants at St. Rose of Lima School was an enjoyable lesson that the students eagerly embraced.

Bringing joy to others is evident and in abundance at Corpus Christi School and St. Michael School, Ottawa.

St. Matthew High School students are to be commended for their leadership after a great start to the school year.

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