Empowering Indigenous Students – One Book at a Time

In the spring, Assumption Catholic School Ottawa received one of four book vending machines built for Indigenous students in Canada as part of the Indigenous Project.

Brian Warren, founder and Executive Director of Start2Finish, says the project utilizes vending machines to distribute culturally relevant books to Indigenous youth in schools and community centres at no cost.

The program hopes to help students by providing equal access to quality books that celebrate and empowers children to build strong connections to their history, family, and selves.

Once a month, children will be given a token to put into the machine, which will then dispose of a book they choose that they’ll be able to keep.

Start2Finish is a national non-profit in over 70 communities and provides an equity-focused approach to educational support for Canadian children and students grades one through six. It also focuses on fitness and literacy and helping the next generation grow.

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