Friday Feeling | Jumping into the school year with joy

For this week’s #ocsbFridayFeeling, students are jumping for joy in puddles, gymnasiums and schoolyards as they embrace the changing seasons. Many schools participated in Terry Fox Runs, and so much kindness took place this week indoors and outdoors.

Fingers and hands full of prayers at St. Anne School.

These Guardian Angels School students learned that even the Queen followed the 6 C’s, which are so important for all.

Be sure to watch as this little guy leaps into the school year…and a puddle with great joy at St. Philip School.

The Corpus Christi School gymnasium was a joyful place to be this week.

Lessons in coding meant time for collaborating with Chromebooks at St. Luke School, Ottawa.

Colourful and interesting patterning work is on display at St. Daniel School.

Some kindness takes place outdoors at Our Lady of Victory School.

There’s joy happening between helpful friends in the hallway at Assumption School.

It was a natural lesson outside at Holy Spirit School as the student hunted for interesting objects.

The St. Thomas More School students appreciated the beautiful weather while participating in the Terry Fox Run.

Staff and students enjoy each other’s company at St. Pius High School.

What’s cooking at Holy Trinity High School? A whole lot of muffins and pies!

It’s two thumbs up as this St. Matthew High School student starts her co-op placement.

Another co-op student from  St. Matthew High School is ready for hands-on learning at his co-op placement.

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