Excitement builds as OCSB International Students start the 2022-2023 school year

As we start the 2022-2023 school year, the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s International Student Program is focused on welcoming new and returning International Students to our school communities. “We are committed to building a sense of belonging among International Students. Together we’ll make exciting new memories this school year,” said Jenny Perla Leon, Manager of the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s International Student Program.

OCSB International Students’ first week

Last week, we warmly welcomed our International Students to Ottawa and their OCSB school communities. For many, this is their first time in Canada, and there’s a lot of excitement about being here! Jose, an OCSB International Student from Mexico, says the first week was “incredible! I met a lot of people, I liked my teachers, and I made some new friends.” Cristobal, from Chile, also had a great first week, “the Canadian people are so nice, and the teachers are so helpful.”

How education in Canada compares

Ariella, an OCSB International Student from Spain, commented how “energetic and happy teachers are,” while Kathe, from Germany, said, “I look forward to meeting new people and trying things.” They weren’t the only students eager to be in Canada. Nicolas, from Chile, says, “people here are more friendly; they greet you on the street!”

The OCSB International Student Program has a global reach

​​A key focus of OCSB’s International Student Program is to provide a wonderful cultural exchange for international and Canadian students. By learning about each other’s culture and traditions, we foster an environment of Deep Learning, inclusivity and respect. OCSB offers an internationally renowned education program. We are recognized globally as a leader in Deep Learning. That, combined with International Student’s lived experiences, led to our International team expanding its reach globally with OCSB Regional Representatives in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Latin America.

Stay connected with our International Student Program’s social media channels, where we share many exciting events, tips and student perspectives!

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