OCSB Announces Appointment of Associate Director of Business Affairs

Ottawa Catholic School Board Superintendent of Finance, Administration, and Assistant Treasurer Lisa Schimmens will become the first-ever OCSB Associate Director of Business Affairs. Ms. Schimmens brings over 27 years of experience in School Board financial management and senior leadership to the new position. 

Director of Education Tom D’Amico said, “The new role is in response to the growing complexity and interconnectedness of the Finance Department, with the Planning and Facilities Department, the Human Resources Department and other areas of the organization.”

Superintendent Schimmens will maintain her current responsibilities in addition to new responsibilities associated with the position of Associate Director of Business Affairs.  From an operations perspective, the Associate Director of Business Affairs will work with the Director of Education and the Associate Director of Education in implementing the multi-year Strategic Commitments under the oversight of the Board of Trustees. The Associate Director of Business Affairs will also liaise with other Superintendents regarding enrolment projections and financing new, and future school builds.

Ms. Schimmens has been with the OCSB since January 2019 and is an integral part of the Executive Council. She advocates for student and staff well-being and promotes social justice practices and policies that enhance student voice and community involvement in our Catholic schools and work sites.

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