Celebrating our French Teachers at the OCSB

In honour of le mois de la francophonie, we want to take a moment to shine some love and appreciation on our incredible French language educators throughout the Ottawa Catholic School Board. These dedicated and passionate educators are the reason our Kindergarten students can say “bonjour” with gusto, and why so many of our graduates continue their studies in French after high school or are able to use French confidently in their workplaces.

What’s the best part of being a French teacher?

We asked some of our French educators if they would share some highlights of why they enjoy teaching French! Here’s what they had to say! 

Wilhelm Lapee | Notre Dame High School

I love sharing the richness of the French language and helping students discover new horizons, both personal and professional.

Myriam Watat-Kapseu | St. Francis Xavier High School

Teaching in French at the OCSB is a very rewarding experience. The students are very well aware of the challenges of learning French.  But I think their desire to speak French outweighs these challenges and this, in turn, motivates students and inspires French teachers.

Joe Paialunga | St. Dominic School

I love languages ​​and French is my third language. I love seeing young people learn a new language. When I see the students making progress, it is very satisfying. At home, we speak French and English, we are proud of it!

Jeanne Van Lankveld | Sacred Heart High School

I love teaching in French at the OCSB because I feel valued by my amazing colleagues. Also, I consider myself lucky to spend my days sharing my love of the French language and of the French culture with my students and my school community.

J.D. Berthelot | St. Isabel School

I like teaching Phys Ed in French because I am able to help students learn a second language while playing and learning new sports and activities.  It is a great way to create a positive learning environment and build relationships with the students.

Diane Magne-Fotso | St. John the Apostle School

For me, it is very gratifying to see the difference I make in the lives of my students by teaching them to speak an additional language (French), because it is a great asset in a world constantly changing and full of challenges.

Bertrand Lee | St. Pius X High School

I love being a part of an amazing team of teachers in our department!

Jolly-Béatrice Toussaint | Equity Team, Leading & Learning Department

What I love the most about teaching in French at the OCSB is being able to share my passion for the French language with my students. I love witnessing students’ wonder and joy as they discover similarities between French and their mother tongue.

Bronwyn Steed | St. Philip School

There is no better feeling than seeing learners begin to enjoy, understand and speak French! I really enjoy applying my own personal experience of learning French as a student at the OCSB to better understand and support my French language learners.

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