Join us for #ocsbReads on Family Literacy Day

Family Literacy Day is tomorrow, January 27, 2022! We’re inviting you, our OCSB family, to join us online for #ocsbReads. Family Literacy Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of reading and interacting as a family through literacy. Without the ability to read, you could not use a cell phone, computer or play a video game. Let alone read a recipe, a street sign, clothing labels, or even text messages! Reading and writing allows you to communicate with family, friends and the outside world.

Reading or doing a learning activity with children every day is crucial to a child’s development. As a child’s literacy skills improve, their world gets bigger as they travel through time, climb mountains and meet a bear whose best friend’s name is a Piglet. Reading opens their minds to the world of possibilities.

Take the #ocsbReads challenge

In honour of Family Literacy Day tomorrow, we invite you to pick up a book, read it to yourself or read to your child.  See what there is to explore as the pages turn. Share photos of you reading with your loved ones using the hashtag #ocsbReads. At the Ottawa Catholic School Board, we celebrate literacy every day, so let’s keep this conversation going throughout the year!

Explore books in diverse languages!

The OCSB family is filled with beautifully diverse families from all over the world. Consider reading a book to your child in your home language, or try reading in another language spoken in your home. Are you primarily an anglophone family? Maybe you could read a book en français? Either way, books have tremendous power to expand our perspectives and take in the world. We can’t wait to see the adventures you take as you join us for #ocsbReads.

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