Bullying Awareness and Prevention Tips for Parents

This week, schools throughout the Ottawa Catholic School Board are participating in activities and conversations to support Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. We all want to create spaces where our children and students can flourish in safety with the guidance and support of adults and the promotion of positive relationships. It takes teamwork to prevent and eliminate bullying from school communities. Here are some simple and practical tips for parents to play an active and essential role in preventing bullying.

Five tips for parents during bullying awareness & prevention week

  1. Support and listen. One of the best ways to teach your child to support and listen to others is by modelling positive behaviour to them. Make sure you take time to pause and listen to your child after you ask them a question.
  2. Talk about the impact of bullying with your child. Having conversations with your child about your own experiences can help build common ground and trust. 
  3. Discuss positive strategies of support, respect and kindness. Having fruitful conversations that empower your child to contribute to their community positively helps foster inclusive, kind and welcoming environments.
  4. Praise them for being courageous when they express their feelings. It’s not easy for most adults to be vulnerable or share their feelings, so make sure you encourage your child when they open up. 
  5. Brainstorm how to interact with peers respectfully. Let them know how and when you feel respected and ask them how and when they feel respected. Have fun coming up with creative ways you and your child can show respect and kindness to the people around you.

Share your #ocsbKindness tips online!

Parents can help create and provide a safe environment where young people feel safe and open to talk about their feelings, problems and receive support from peers. Share your tips and strategies to prevent bullying with us on social media using the hashtag #ocsbKindness.

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