5 ways to make your little one’s birthday special

Every parent wants their child to feel special and loved on their birthday. During this ongoing pandemic, there are many ways you can still celebrate your child in safe and memorable ways! Here are five tips you can try to make proverbial lemonade out of your little one’s birthday celebration!

  1. Join the Ottawa Catholic School Board Birthday Club. If your child is under 4, sign up for the OCSB Birthday Club. They will receive a card and activity in the mail during the month of their birthday. It’s a great way to make them feel special. Their eyes will light up when they find out they got real mail with their name on it.
  2. Centre the day around your child’s interests. Whether your child adores tummy time or could spend the whole day in their play-kitchen, try to jump into their world and engage your child doing things they love. The great news is you don’t need to break the bank to do this. After all, don’t most toddlers prefer playing with cardboard boxes and tissue paper than the actual toy?
  3. Let your little one pick the menu. You’re probably already stocked up on your child’s favourite snacks and meals, so this is a simple way to guarantee smiles throughout the day. There is no need to overthink food for the day; Let the celebrant lead the way on food choices for their big day. Whether it’s breakfast foods all day or squeezie pouches and goldfish crackers for lunch, your little one will enjoy having their fill on their favourite foods.
  4. Connect virtually with people who love your child. If it’s not safe or possible for physically distant visits, make sure you schedule time for loved ones to connect with your little one throughout the day when they’re at their best. You can try to plan this ahead of time by giving friends and family a time frame that would be ideal for chatting. You know your child best so give loved ones a heads up when your child is likely to be hangry, cranky, or napping.
  5. Pray with and for your child. Not only is another year of life on this beautiful planet worth celebrating, but it’s also something for which we can thank God! Teaching and showing your child how to give thanks is a great way to honour your child’s birthday. When your child is young, you can make a list of highlights from the last year and thank God for the milestones and memories. As your child grows older, you can have fun connecting with your child and reflecting together.

Do you have ideas that we missed? We’d love to hear your thoughts on ways you can celebrate your child’s birthday. Share your tips and ideas on social media using the hashtag #ocsbBirthdayTips!

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