Catholic Education Week 2021 at a Glance

From May 2 to 7, we invite the Ottawa Catholic School Board family to join us in celebrating Catholic Education Week virtually. Our theme this year is “Nurturing Hope.” As a Catholic community, we are called to “Nurture Hope” in our community. Join us in daily activities, reflections and intentions as we celebrate the many gifts of hope God has given us.

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Catholic Education Week At a Glance

Monday, May 3

Preparing the Earth

Our Catholic schools prepare the good soil each day so that the roots of faith may grow in our students and so that God’s Word can bear fruit!   What do you love about your Catholic school? Who nurtures Hope in your school community? Share your response on social media using the hashtag #ocsbHope

Intention of the Day: Today we pray for all those deprived of their basic human needs, who are suffering from hunger, thirst, homelessness, and poverty, and for all those who are forgotten.  May we work to practise charity and promote justice and peace in our communities, valuing each human life, as a priceless gift from God.

Tuesday, May 4

Sowing Seeds of Gratitude

Sow seeds of gratitude by sending a message of thanks to the difference-makers during these challenging times – health care providers, essential workers, educators, families, friends or volunteers. Share your response on social media using the hashtag #ocsbHope

Intention of the Day: Today we recognize that all people were made in the image and likeness of God and that we have a responsibility to uphold the dignity of all those with disabilities.  We pray for guidance as we pursue our call to provide justice and fullness of life for all people with disabilities and that everyone may develop their potential.  Like Jesus, who dedicated much of his ministry to the disabled, may we work toward a welcoming community where preferential care is given to those in our community with special needs.

Special Events

Virtual Catholic Education Week Mass at 10:00 am. Presided by Most Reverend Marcel Damphousse Archbishop of Ottawa-Cornwall.

Director Of Education Commendation Awards Video Premier at 7:00 pm

Wednesday, May 5

Cultivating Relationships

Jesus taught us the Golden Rule:  “In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you.” He wants us to treat one another with love, kindness and respect as members of one family. How do you live the Golden Rule in your relationships with family members, friends, and towards yourself? Share your response on social media using the hashtag #ocsbHope

Intention of the Day: Today we pray for the courage to have difficult conversations about racism, and for a better appreciation of how our words and actions – or even our silence – can impact our communities.  May our hearts and minds be open to celebrate and welcome the diverse faces of Christ in our community and may God grant us the grace to see every human being as a child of God, regardless of race, language or culture.

Special Event:

Virtual Provincial Catholic Education Week Mass at 11:00 am. Presided by His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto

Thursday, May 6

Harvesting New Fruit (the good fruit or our actions)

By your positive actions and your kind words you are “harvesting new fruit” in your community and the world!  How do you harvest new fruit to make the world a better place?  Have you seen others harvesting new fruit to make the world a better place? Share your response on social media using the hashtag #ocsbHope

Intention of the Day: Today we pray for all persons who themselves, or within their families live with mental health concerns and for those who care for them. We also pray for those who face discrimination or stigma as a result of mental illness.  May they find welcome and inclusion as branches of Jesus’ vine.

Friday, May 7

Marvelling in Wonder

Faith is a journey of opening ourselves to the awesome mystery of who God is, and who invites us to grow in wide-eyed wonder. We are invited to be silent and contemplate the beauty of the created order; to stand in reverence before the awesome gift that is our common home.  What in the natural world fills you with wonder and awe and speaks to you of God and the hope He offers us? Share your response on social media using the hashtag #ocsbHope

Intention of the Day: Today we pray that we may embrace a new spirit of accompaniment and reaffirm our commitment to walk with our Indigenous sisters and brothers on the journey of healing towards truth and reconciliation. May we continue to engage in respectful dialogue and collaboration so that we might seek a deeper understanding and foster relationships in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples.

Prayer for Catholic Education Week

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