Friday Feeling | Twitter highlights week 24

For this week’s #ocsbFridayFeeling, there is so much to celebrate. We shout “Alleluia” to celebrate Christ’s resurrection – He is risen indeed! We also celebrate the beautiful spring weather and the great outdoors. A special shout-out goes to staff and students who are doing great things to lift others up like raising awareness and funds for CHEO and the Cancer society. 

Mrs. Coxall’s students at St. Luke School, Nepean celebrated the resurrection as a people of faith.

A huge OCSB “Merci” and kudos to this special St. Michael Fitzroy School student for raising funds for CHEO over the weekend.

Such a kind gesture from this student at St. Philip School at the start of the week.

Enjoying the new learning centres outside in the sun at Chapel Hill School.

Birds and buds are sure signs of Spring for Mrs. Marcie’s students at St. Michael School, Ottawa.

The beautiful weather made for a fun day of music in the park for Mrs. Wilson’s students at St. Michael School, Fitzroy.

The fabulous weather allowed for outdoor art and the science of wind for Mrs. Kurs class at St. Kateri Tekakwitha School

These students inspect their findings while learning about plants at Our Lady of Victory School.

Having fun playing Pictionary in Grade 1 at St. Isabel School to improve on French vocabulary.

Getting some technology in on Tuesday with Ms. Cooney’s grade 1 class at St. George School.

This little one at St. Philip School changed her 4 finger affirmation to 5. How sweet is that!

How cool is it that over 5,000 students from around the world including this Grade 3 class from Corpus Christi School participated in the 2021 Momentum Moves Canada Flash Mob! 

Kudos to all the student organizers and Mr. Nuyens of the OCSB Virtual Academy for the successful virtual Relay for Life event raising funds for the Cancer Society!

Great leadership shown by these two students at St. Anne School.  The earth thanks you!

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