Consider engineering during STEAM week

Today’s focus for #ocsbSTEAM week is Engineering. With a tasty STEAM challenge and practical ideas to support your child’s learning in the field of engineering, today is destined to be a great day!

STEAM challenge of the day

Build a tower! Add a tasty twist and see if you can incorporate marshmallows into your construction. Don’t forget to share your creations online using #ocsbSTEAM and #ocsbTechEdge.

Ideas to support your child’s exploration of engineering

  • Learn about the Engineering Design Process with your child! It allows them to solve many problems.
  • When your child asks a question, instead of giving them the answer, encourage them to research and develop several possible solutions. 
  • Ask your child open-ended questions– with no right or wrong answer. For example: Why do you like (that game or toy, car, phone app, etc.) so much? Do you think the design can be improved? What would you do to improve the design?

If your child is in Kindergarten to grade 6

  • Have fun as a family with building challenges (e.g., build a fort or an animal shelter). Check out this article on the Importance of Building in Early Years.
  • Go for a walk and observe the structures around your community. How were they built? What materials were used? What makes them strong?

If your child is in grades 7 to 12

  • Show your child these great videos by Crash Course: How to become an Engineer and What’s An Engineer?
  • Explain that engineers don’t just build structures and machines; there are many different types of engineers.
  • Have a conversation about the environment and global warming. Discuss threats to the environment and what can be done to help– both at home and on a worldwide scale.

How we support your child’s learning at the OCSB

  • We provide your child with STEAM outreach opportunities like the Engineer in Residence program, STEAM Residency Program, and STEAM and Manufacturing career panels.
  • We run career awareness workshops with Skills Ontario, Techsploration Ontario, to encourage your child to explore Skilled Trades and technology careers. We also give high school students access to EdgeFactor, a rich multimedia platform to explore careers in skilled trades and technology.

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