Friday Feeling | Twitter highlights week 8

This week’s #ocsbFridayFeeling highlights events taking place in our schools as we begin our Advent journey.  Now the waiting has begun.

The atrium at St. Matthew High School lights the sky with stars to navigate the way during Advent.

Holy Trinity High School began the week with a virtual Advent Mass.

Healthier days for our world is Mrs. Coxall’s hope at St. Luke Nepean School as Advent begins.

The grade 1 students at Guardian Angels School are preparing the way for Advent.

Bringing hope to those in need, the Advent food drive at St. Philip School is off to a good start.

What animal reminds you of hope?  Ms. Borracci’s virtual students at St. Pius X High School all drew the same bird, a dove.

Such a great inspirational message on display at Holy Spirit school.

Profound thoughts of hope from the Grade 7 and 8 students at St. Patrick’s High School.

Baby Jesus is everywhere during advent, including outdoors at St. Francis of Assisi School.

Virtual students in Ms. Brownrigg’s class opened advent calendars and felt warm fuzzies inside listening to O Holy Night.

All of the grade 1 students at St. George School had a hand in creating this beautiful Advent wreath of hope.

Because sometimes your heart is the best thing to give…St. Stephen School

This grade 1 student from St. George School is embracing the season of Advent in the form of play-doh! He asked his teacher for some play-doh so he could make baby Jesus.

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