#ocsb5things to celebrate

We are truly in a time like no other. We have a great opportunity to reflect on the many blessings in our OCSB community during this time of isolation and social distancing. We are about to complete the second year of our Spiritual Theme, “Love Kindness and Mercy” and transition into the last year of “Walk Humbly with God.” As I reflect on our Spiritual Theme, I would like to share my #ocsb5things, which I believe are worthy of community celebration.

1. We try to do the right thing, quickly and without fanfare.

ocsbAtHome is not the same experience for all families. To ensure all students had the opportunity to continue their learning, we provided access to Chromebooks and the internet. We did it with little fanfare because it was the right thing to do!

2. We keep love and kindness at the centre of how we work.

OCSB teachers have a significant influence on the lives of their students. They educate, support, motivate and console (sometimes all at once!). Despite the closure of our schools, our teachers continued to connect with their students. Some teachers chose to reach out through virtual meetings, social media platforms, songs and dance. No matter what medium they used, the goal was the same -to nurture their relationships with their students.

3. We are innovators that ignite hope.

The theme for Catholic Education Week was “Igniting Hope.” This theme resonated among staff and students. In times of uncertainty, brokenness, and isolation, we can find hope in our faith. We are thankful for the Archdiocese of Ottawa for collaborating with us to celebrate and stream a faithful, touching and innovative Catholic Education Week Mass this year. What a great example of our community being able to live out our faith with creativity and imagination.

4. We are responsive to the needs around us.

It was a blessing to see our OCSB community support various organizations, shelters and food banks during these unprecedented times. We were able to provide cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, jam, shortening, raisins, children’s clothing, toys, and other needs to help fill a shipping container to Rankin Inlet for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s North of 60 Program. As I filled my Dodge Caravan from front to back and top to bottom with our collection, I was aware of our community’s generosity and the dignity that the assistance of this donation will bring. In times when it is easy to turn inward and become protective and self-concerned, we professed our Baptismal promise of discipleship and became the hands of Christ in the world today.

5. We are guided by faith.

The recognition of people’s unique gifts and talents is indispensable, especially during times of turmoil and strife. The Life and Dignity of the Human Person, Care for God’s Creation, and Solidarity are three Catholic Social Teachings that have been on display during these trying times. Even in the depths of darkness, humanity rises. Faith, Equity, Dignity, and Humility continue to provide comfort to our OCSB family.

Now that I’ve shared my #ocsb5things, I would love to hear yours! Share your top 5 on social media using the hashtag #ocsb5things. Be well, stay peaceful, and keep the faith!  May God continue to bless you.

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