Four Virtues for Community

Most people look at life at a distance as long distances apart, but we also need to reflect on the challenges of living in close quarters with our family and friends during these unprecedented times. Community is essential to Christian Catholics and all of humankind. We are social people, so it is tough to understand and embrace social distancing in our neighbourhoods and communities.

This call to join as a community has many contexts. We have our family and friends, our workplaces, our schools, and our Churches and other places of worship. However, one unifying characteristic is care. We need to care for the dignity of each person. How can we do this?

One way is to check in on each other: a call, a wave, an email, or FaceTime. The personal connection can cut the feelings of isolation and despair. It may be challenging at times, but being a positive, calming influence is an excellent means of support during times of unrest and misinformation.

Ultimately, we can turn to living the four Cardinal Virtues of:

  1. Prudence – take the time to determine what is the best path to take, not just for me, but for all people.
  2. Justice – we need to be fair, especially for those who are vulnerable. We need to take and use what we need, not to hoard items.
  3. Temperance – look for balance in life. Meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs in life. Take time to pray each day.
  4. Fortitude – look at how to persevere in challenging times. Living out our faith takes a lot of courage.

We are people of hope, and we are always much stronger than we think. With patience, we will overcome all challenges and gather together in the community soon. #ocsbBeWell.

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