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Immaculata High School Achievement Centre at St. Mary’s Home

The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) and St. Mary’s Home formed a unique partnership almost 20 years ago to offer pregnant and parenting young women under the age of 21 the opportunity to earn credits towards their high school diploma. Working together with St. Mary’s Home programs, the Immaculata High School Achievement Centre provides an environment which promotes respect and support. In this way, two generations benefit at once: mother and baby.

The welcoming classroom setting combines a warm and inviting atmosphere with state-of-the-art technology, where high school credits are earned in a variety of subjects under the guidance of a full-time teacher. The offered programs help to re-engage these young women in a motivating and supportive mindset.


Guiding principles for the program

  • The students will be offered a transitional program leading to a graduation diploma or other educational or career opportunities.
  • Youth will be empowered to take ownership of their life choices.
  • The educational opportunities provided will facilitate the development of the whole person.

Reach out

The Immaculata High School Achievement Centre operates out of St. Mary’s Home during the regular school year. Contact Immaculata High School to inquire further.

Immaculata High School
140 Main Street
Ottawa K1S 5P4
Phone: 613-237-2001

“Are you pregnant and don’t know what to do? St. Mary’s Home is here for you. We have a teacher that will accept you, involve you in school activities and offer a variety of different programs. It’s really great.”


“Finishing high school has always been my dream. I want to be proud of myself and make something out of life. St Mary’s is allowing me to get one step closer to my dreams.”


“When you find yourself heading down the wrong path you can always turn back. The choices you’ve made in the past can have a very big impact on your future but that does not mean that you cannot change for the better.”