Concussions and head injuries

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Head injuries can happen at any time, even during non-sporting activities. We take them seriously and follow a well-thought-out process to support your child’s recovery. To ensure your child recovers from a concussion, the school, parents and student must work together in following these life-saving steps.

4 ways to prevent and respond to head injuries

1. Be informed.

If your child is participating in an inter-school sport, your school will ask you to review the Ministry of Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resource and Code of Conduct with your child and sign a form confirming you’ve reviewed the documents. These documents help you learn the signs and symptoms of concussions and will let you know what to do if your child experiences a head injury.

2. Communicate and collaborate.

If your child experiences a head injury, the school, parents and student must all work together to support their recovery. The best way to do this is frequent and open communication regarding your child’s recovery. Read our Concussion Related Brain Injuries Support Document to know your role in this protocol.

3. Have a medical assessment and monitor your child.

If your child experiences a head injury, it’s essential to have them examined by a doctor or nurse practitioner as soon as possible. Only a doctor or nurse practitioner can diagnose a concussion. Your child might not display symptoms of a concussion immediately, so it’s best to monitor your child for at least 24 hours, both at school and at home.

4. Rest and recover.

It is essential to limit all mental and physical activities for at least 24 hours following a head injury. Do not rush the “return to learn” or “return to physical activity” process.

Concussions at school

If a student displays signs or symptoms of a concussion while at school, they will need to be examined by a doctor or nurse practitioner right away. The school will contact the parents or guardians to pick-up the student as soon as possible, and send them home with forms to complete.

Your child will not be allowed to participate in any physical activity until:

  • At least 24 hours have passed since their injury; and
  • They display no signs or symptoms of a concussion; and
  • A doctor has completed a medical assessment form that is signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school.

Concussions outside of school

If your child has a concussion outside of school, they are still required to follow our concussion protocol. If your child has a concussion, please inform your school as soon as possible so we can work together to support your child’s recovery.

Returning to learn or play after a head injury

If your child is diagnosed with a concussion, there are six steps that must be followed before they’re able to return to learn or play. Your child must remain at each step in the process for a minimum of 24 hours before proceeding to the next step in the concussion recovery process. Read the Steps to Return to Learn or Physical Activity.