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Frequently Asked Questions about SHSM

What percentage do I need in each course to earn a SHSM?

You need to pass each of the courses in the required bundle of credits.

I am already in grade 11. Is it too late for me to apply to a SHSM program?

Not necessarily. We do accept students who are entering grade 12 the next year if they have the required pre-requisite courses or are planning to complete these in summer school prior to grade 12.

If I earn a required certification during the summer, can I count it toward my SHSM?

Yes, as long as you have documentation showing the certification.

Can I take Co-op or OYAP without being in a SHSM?

Yes, you do not need to be part of the SHSM to take Co-op or OYAP.

What if a I change my mind and don’t want to complete my SHSM

The SHSM program exists to help students identify, explore and refine their career goals, allowing a student to discover what they like doing, and just as importantly, what they don’t like doing. If your interests change, you do not have to continue in the program. All credits earned in a SHSM program count towards the completion of a standard Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Can I return for an additional term and complete my SHSM after I graduate?

Yes, you can complete your SHSM any time after you graduate. Upon completion of the required components, you will receive an official SHSM summary sheet showing that you completed the SHSM (but you will not receive the Red Seal on your diploma).

I am a university-bound student who needs specific courses. How can I fit a Co-op course in my timetable?

You have several options. You can take co-op in the summer OR you can take a grade 11 SHSM major course during grade 10. This will leave two credits open for Co-op in grade 12.

How is a SHSM recognized?

Students who successfully complete a SHSM receive:

  • an Ontario Secondary School Diploma with an embossed red seal.
  • an SHSM Record documenting his/her achievement.
  • formal recognition on his/her Ontario Student Transcript.
How do I register for a SHSM?

See your guidance counselor or the SHSM lead teacher.

I am in grade 12. I have not taken some of the grade 11 courses specified in the SHSM pathway chart. Can I still get my SHSM designation?

You will not get your SHSM designation until you have completed ALL the courses in the SHSM pathway chart both in grade 11 and grade 12.

I am an OYAP student. Should I register for a SHSM?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that you register for the SHSM if your school is offering the same sector as your OYAP. Many of your OYAP requirements will count toward your SHSM as well.

What happens if I want to switch to a career in a different employment sector?

Let your guidance counsellor know that you have changed career goals. If a SHSM program exists related to your new career area, your SHSM can be switched to the new sector. (This may require a transfer to another school.) Some of the certifications and courses may also be used toward your new SHSM.

Can I register to be a SHSM student even if I am doubtful that I will complete all the required components?

Yes, if you are interested in a possible career related to a SHSM sector, you can register for that SHSM. Even if you do not complete all the components of the SHSM, you will still benefit from certification training, field trips and other learning experiences related to the SHSM. You will also receive a summary of all your completed SHSM components when you graduate.

How are SHSM students at an advantage in their application to university?

Many post-secondary applications to university have opportunities for supplemental applications. There are programs that traditionally require portfolios and/or interviews. Many of these are in the Arts which would be an advantage for students in an Arts and Culture SHSM. Some programs in Radio and Broadcasting, Communications, Journalism and Architecture also require supplemental information. In addition, the SHSM qualification and associated training and certifications provide a distinct advantage for students applying for summer employment and university co-op placements.

Will earning a SHSM help me get into university?

At this point, universities do not consider the SHSM for admissions. BUT…the SHSM does provide a definite advantage for students going to university. It occurs when students are competing to obtain employment between terms at university. The SHSM qualification and associated training and certifications provide a distinct advantage to students when applying for summer employment or Co-op placements. These qualifications add to a student’s portfolio when going through job interviews.