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Learning Resources for Grades 7-8

Click the subject areas listed below to find learning resources appropriate for students in Grades 7-8

The Arts

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments that connect to science, math, art, and more.

Draw Everyday with JJK

A Youtube Channel featuring daily drawing classes with illustrator, Jarret Krosoczka

ArtsAlive – National Arts Centre

The NAC’s website has videos and documents to learn about Music, English Theatre, French Theatre, and Dance.

Geography and History

Teaching Tolerance

This website offers lessons, videos and student tasks to explore History, Geography, Economics, and Social Justice.

Geo History Map

Interactive educational history app. It has hundreds of historical maps with thousands of events relating to Canadian, American and World history.

Subject Resources in French


Aligns with Ontario Curriculum Thousands of videos, websites or mobile applications for all subjects.

TFO Ontario

Videos, games, films in French. TFO is a Canadian French language educational television.

Language Resources in English and French as a Second Language 

C’est pas sorcier

A large collection of exceptionally well done videos on various topics including history, culture, science, astronomy, climat, food & agriculture, biomedical sciences, travel and much more! (It may be helpful to change video playback speed to .75 and add subtitles).

TFO (Séries pour ados)

Ontario’s francophone TV programming including short videos, mini-series, games, movies…

École de l’Océan

Collaboration between Dalhousie, the Ocean Frontier Institute and the National Film Board allows students to participate in an online Ocean School course

Short Édition Jeunesse

Highlighting the value of short written works, these sites offer readers a variety of poems, short stories and other written works that show how much can be conveyed with just a few words!

Radio-Canada Livres Audio

Collection of audio books for all ages ranging in length from a few minutes to a few hours!

Radio-Canada Balados

Podcasts on all subjects for all ages! Many choices will be of interest to 7-12 students and the language is clear and well articulated.

Cartable numérique de la francophonie

Digital exploration of la francophonie with activities sorted by age and competency level.

Les Débrouillards

Focus on all things science related! Articles, experiments and contests!

Musée virtuelle

Canada’s virtual museum!


Stories, articles and news for youth. Topics include science, health, the environment, sports, history and culture. Free access until June 30th.


Largest free digital learning app!


Free ebooks and audiobooks available on the OCSB Student Portal. Sora Cheat Sheet.


Free books online if you use your Ottawa Public Library Account to login. French and English. Various books by age group from primary to teens. If you don’t have a Library Card, click here to access.



Mathletics™ is an online program that allows students to practice skills they are working on. All OCSB students in grades 4-12 have access. Students must be logged into their ocsbstudent account to use this resource.

Math Games – Let’s Play!

Games and puzzles are a fabulous way to build math concepts and skills, including several offline choices.

Talk With Our Kids About Money

Free resource to help parents and students navigate financial literacy.

TVO Mathify

Free 1:1 Online Grade 6-10 Math Tutoring by Ontario certified teachers.

Physical Education 

DPA activities

Daily physical activities for students follow OPHEA on Facebook or @OpheaCanada on Twitter.

Physical Education at Home Activities

Over 50 health and physical activities you can do anytime and anywhere.

Religion and Family Life 

Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Conference

Includes Catholic curriculum documents and support materials

Samaritans on the Digital Road

Lessons and resources for students and parents around Digital Citizenship, Etiquette and Digital Health

Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario

This organization represents Catholic School Boards in Ontario. They create resources, curriculum and promote Catholic Faith and Education in Ontario and beyond.

Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association

Access electronic copies of Religious Education textbooks from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Science and Technology

Study Jams

Scholastic Science Videos and Quizzes.

Online Ottawa Museums

Online learning tasks and projects with Canadian museums. Select your grade at the left drop down options. Canadian Museums of Aviation, Science and Tech. and Agriculture etc. Also available in French.

PHET Interactive Simulations

Variety of online science simulations.

Ingenium Channel

Digital hub featuring curated content related to science, technology and innovation.

Google’s Applied Digital Skills Curriculum

Teach and learn practical digital skills using free project-based video curriculum.


NFB (National Film Board)

The National Film Board has over 4,000 films to watch for free including short films, documentaries, and animated films on various topics.

CBC Curio

This CBC site provides access to thousands of podcasts, programs, documentaries, and archival material. The site has closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

National Geographic Resources

Resources for Geography, History, Science, English, Art, and Music.


Resources families can use to create an engaging and supportive distance learning environment for students.