From St. Elizabeth to farm to table

It all began with a small seed. At least that is how the Farm to Table (Ferme Urbaine) story goes at St. Elizabeth School. The seeds, hydroponic tower, and veggie-pod may have been the tools the students used to grow their garden, but the story behind the story is so much more collaborative!

Two teachers — Mary Allan and Teresa Charbonneau — applied for an Innovation Fund Grant unbeknownst to each other. When both received the funds, they decided to turn two small projects into one fantastic student-focused, student-run business adventure!

Ferme Urbaine allowed students the opportunity to care and nurture their garden from seedling to end product. That in itself is a hands-on Deep Learning experience, but the students weren’t satisfied with just “growing” the project. They wanted to create an authentic farm to table experience for their peers and the greater school community. The learning that started in just two classrooms is now embraced by the entire school population and the greater community.

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