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Cross-boundary transfers

A cross-boundary transfer allows a student to attend an OCSB school that is outside their “home” school boundary. These transfers are not guaranteed and are conditional on space availability.

Reasons for requesting a cross-boundary transfer

Although these reasons do not guarantee the approval of a cross-boundary transfer, here are some reasons a transfer between schools may be approved:

  • Childcare for an elementary student (JK-6) is outside their “home” school boundary
  • A course is offered at one school but not at another
  • A medical professional recommends in writing that it is in the best interests of the student to attend a different school
  • A student attended their elementary school on a cross-boundary transfer and wants to remain in that family of schools as they enter high school
  • A student is in their final years of high school and moves outside their “home” school boundary and would like to stay at their school
  • Other compassionate grounds which are determined on an individual basis

Unacceptable reasons for a cross-boundary transfer

  • Extra-curricular activities are offered at one school but not another
  • A student’s group of friends is at another school
  • A student participates in after-school community-based activities outside their “home” school boundary
  • Dissatisfaction with school policies, procedures or facilities such as: split classes, uniforms, portables, music or drama rooms, etc.
  • Requesting a cross-boundary transfer

How to request a cross-boundary transfer

Contact your child’s “home” school and work with them to complete and sign the appropriate form (see link below) unless your reason for the transfer is related to childcare (JK-6). If your reason for requesting a transfer is childcare-related (JK-6), contact the “receiving” school and work with them to complete your request. You can use our school locator to find your “home” school.

Once you’ve completed the form, your request will need to be recommended by your “home” school Principal, the “receiving” school Principal and approved by the “receiving” school’s Superintendent. If the reason for your request is childcare-related (JK-6), it will only need to be recommended by the “receiving” school’s Principal and approved by the Superintendent. For more information, consult the Cross-Boundary Transfer Requests Administrative Procedures.

Important things to know about cross-boundary transfers

  • Transportation is the parent’s responsibility and will not be provided across boundaries, except for reasons of childcare for students in grades JK-6.
  • Cross-boundary transfers are automatically renewed on a yearly basis while the student attends the same school.
  • The school principal may cancel a cross-boundary transfer due to lack of academic progress, excessive absences/lates, school safety issues, or changes to the address of the caregiver upon which approval was granted.

Appealing the denial of your cross-boundary transfer

If your cross-boundary transfer is not recommended by your “home” school Principal, they will inform you of the reason, and you will have the right to appeal the decision with your “home” school Superintendent.

You will also be notified of the reason if the “receiving” school Principal does not recommend the transfer request and you can then appeal the decision with the “receiving” school Superintendent.