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Historical Committee

The Historical Committee is comprised of retired and current Board staff and Trustees  who meet to discuss ways to preserve the history and culture of Catholic Education in the Ottawa area. The Historical Committee, along with numerous other resources, undertook a large-scale project in 2006 to document 150 years of Catholic education in the Ottawa-Carleton area. The publication does not claim to cover everything that should be known or recorded about the history of English-language Catholic education in Ottawa-Carleton. Much of the story still remains to be told, such as the individual stories of all of the Catholic schools, which have been closed.

“As you read through the following sections, you discover a long and proud history. Parents welcomed an education for their child that was anchored in faith and they willingly invested to establish a Catholic education system in Ottawa-Carleton. They united in the belief that every child is a gift, and every child deserves a Catholic education. Please enjoy.”

The Historical Committee encourages anyone with additional information, including artifacts and documents, corrections, or improvements to what is recorded here to send the information to the Historical Committee. Your input will be considered for subsequent revisions to this initial effort. Please be advised that this publication represents a moment in time, highlighting the years 1856 to 2006.


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