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Cooperative education information for prospective employers

Could your business benefit from an extra set of hands? Each year, the Ottawa Catholic School Board cooperative education program places hundreds of students in a variety of work settings, reflecting the wide range of student interests and abilities. We are continuously in search of new and challenging work placements for our students, where they can gain experience from hands-on activities.

Work placements typically occur for three hours during the morning or afternoon, or six hours for the full day, five days a week. The term may run from mid-September to January or mid-February to June. The employer interviews the student to determine the suitability of the co-op candidate. A cooperative education teacher monitors each placement with frequent visits to support student learning during the community component of the course by fostering achievement and well-being.

Employers’ roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the employer include:

  • provide a safe working and learning environment
  • designate one employee to be responsible for supervising and evaluating each student
  • provide students with written or oral feedback after an employment interview as part of the learning experience
  • help develop personalized placement learning plans by identifying workplace applications
  • provide orientation and workplace health and safety training
  • provide challenging learning experiences that will encourage personal growth and develop career goals
  • help students function as an integral part of a team

Employer benefits of offering a placement

  • continued communication and support from the assigned cooperative education teacher
  • WSIB fees are paid for by the Ministry of Education
  • additional support in the workplace
  • employers can train a potential new employee without financial commitment
  • employers are able to mentor and shape the workforce of tomorrow

Complete the Offer of a Training Station form

If your organization is interested in providing a placement for a cooperative education student, please complete the Offer of a Training Station form and fax it to Liana Pagotto at 613-225-4284. Your form will be reviewed and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Once your application has been approved, the appropriate school(s) will be informed and they will proceed with their own pre-placement assessment.