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Business Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

Offered at:

Sacred Heart High School

St. Matthew High School


  • 4 Business Major Course credits (minimum one Grade 11, one Grade 12)
  • 2 Cooperative Education credits
  • 1 English credit (Grade 11 or 12)*
  • 2 Math credits (Grade 11 and 12)* (for workplace pathways, 2 English credits, and 1 math credit)

*Ontario curriculum credits that involve one or more Contextualized Learning Activities delivered in the context of the Business sector

Sector-recognized certifications & training

  • 4 compulsory certifications: Standard First Aid, WHMIS (generic), CPR (Level C) with AED, customer service
  • 2 additional certifications and/or training courses as specified in the sector-specific guide

Experiential learning and career exploration activities

  • one-on-one observation of a cooperative education student at a placement in the business sector (an example of job twinning)
  • a day-long observation of a business person (an example of job shadowing)
  • one- or two-week work experience with a member of a business professional in the sector (an example of work experience)
  • attendance at a retail show (e.g. a home show or craft show), conference, or workshop focusing on the business sector
  • participation in a local, provincial, or national contest or competition with a focus on business (e.g. a business plan competition or stock market competition)
  • working with a mentor within the business community (e.g. assist in creating a business plan)
  • a tour of the local chamber of commerce