OCSB eSports provide students with a world of opportunity

The world of eSports stretches far beyond video games. Just as basketball or hockey is more than slam dunks and slapshots, eSports provide teachers and coaches with the opportunity to connect with students in a meaningful way. Through eSports, players develop skills like teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship, setting them on a path to define and achieve goals. All of this happens while players are having a lot of fun and socializing safely.

The Ottawa Catholic School Board eSports league began in 2018 thanks to St. Joseph High School teacher Kevin Kelly. Today, the OCSB eSports league consists of ten high schools that participate in weekly intramurals and monthly tournaments. 

The eSports league has continued during the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining a sense of community for high school students during this challenging time. “It’s fun to meet new people, even if just over a video call,” remarked Sacred Heart High School student Meera Dixit. 

Another student from St. Joseph High School, Adam Fawzi, also said I got to meet more people and sharpen my skills while having fun,” highlighting how this pandemic-friendly opportunity provided multiple benefits to students. In addition to the social benefits eSports provides students, the global eSports industry is booming, valued at approximately 950 million US dollars in 2020. To prepare students to thrive in this up-and-coming industry, we’re piloting a grade 11 “Marketing in eSports” course where students will have the opportunity to explore post-secondary pathways in eSports. Learn more about exciting career paths your child can explore at their OCSB high school.

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