How the State of Emergency Impacts OCSB Schools

Yesterday afternoon, Ontario declared a provincial emergency due to COVID-19 which includes a stay-at-home order effective Thursday, January 14, 2021. More details can be found in the Province’s press release.  The provincial government will provide an update on January 20 regarding the planned return to in-person learning that is currently scheduled for January 25.

Support for special education students

The Province has confirmed that students with special education needs enrolled in system classes will continue to be offered in-person learning. This applies to a small segment of students with special education needs who cannot succeed in a remote learning environment. 

Additional Safety Measures – Masks for students Grades 1-3

Upon return to in-person learning, there will be a requirement for all Ontario students in grades 1-3 to wear masks.  This aligns grades 1-3 to the current requirements in grades 4-12.

There will be new requirements for all students to wear a mask outdoors.  We are waiting for further clarification and details from the Ministry of Education.  The Ministry of Education will also be releasing enhanced screening protocols and expanded targeted testing.

Child care at OCSB schools

Toddler and preschool child care programs operated by the Ottawa Catholic Child Care Corporation remain open for non-school aged children. 
If parents still require emergency child care, please consult the City of Ottawa’s Emergency Childcare Provider List.

Let’s continue to adhere to public health guidelines

Please continue to follow the guidelines from public health officials.

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There is word that OCDSB will be keeping Secondary students on remote learning until the first week of February(independent of a recommendation from the Ministry) because, quote(CBC article): “A change to the delivery model for the last five days of the term would be challenging for students and staff,” the board’s statement said.
Will the Catholic Board be doing the same thing? TIA.

OCDSB sent a letter home to their high school parents advising that remote learning would continue for high school students until January 31. At this point, we have not made that decision for our high school students, and we are waiting for the Premier’s announcement on January 20 if the State of Emergency will be extended.

Hi there,
Are children going to return to in person learning, during a state of emergency while under a “stay at home” order? This seems counterintuitive to me. Should be his question be better directed to the province or can you as a board decide on your own?


The decision should be made January 20 by the Ministry of Education. At the moment, there is no definite answer. More information can be found here under “Schools and Child Care Centres”

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