Virtual Academy class connects with Prime Minister Trudeau

A grade 12 international business class in the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s Virtual Academy had an online discussion with the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau earlier this month. Prime Minister Trudeau engaged with several students during the meeting, asking them about their experiences and concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. He listened as students like Emma Mansfield and Nikcolas Ramirez-Sagan shared some of the challenges faced by students and their families during these exceptional times. 

Four students also had the chance to pose a question directly to the Prime Minister, who complimented them on their critical thinking. Nathalie Amissi, Tristano Collucia, and Laiya Evraire had the opportunity to ask about topics like the government’s decision making process, the international effort to develop a safe vaccine and the plan for economic and social recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Their teacher Mr. Nuyens moderated the questions during the 45 minute conversation.

After learning virtually about the impacts of globalization that morning, the international business class of 35 students in their graduating year had the opportunity to partake in a powerful learning experience like no other! Technology played a vital role in bringing the Prime Minister of Canada right into their online classroom.

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