What does virtual Kindergarten look like?

With the October 28 deadline to register for Kindergarten this year just a few days away, parents have been asking, what does virtual Kindergarten look like this year? We reached out to some of our incredible online educators, and here’s how they describe the virtual Kinder experience!

A mix of on-screen and no-screen learning

We know screen time is a significant concern for Kinder parents. Our virtual Kindergarten experience is very flexible, and we work with parents to tailoring the amount of screentime their child has in Kindergarten. Your child might have some on-screen learning time, no-screen learning activities and much like they would in a traditional classroom, many opportunities for play-based learning. 

“You guys are doing such a great job. I have to limit G’s screentime… she’d be on all day if I’d let her!”

-OCSB Virtual Kindergarten Parent

We start the day with “hello!” and end with “goodbye.”

Much like the in-person Kindergarten experience, our virtual Kinders start their day greeted by their teacher and their peers online through songs and games. 

“It is also amazing to be witness to their excitement to see and greet one another, as well as to say goodbye.”

-OCSB Kindergarten Educator

A rich play-based learning environment online!

When parents think of Kindergarten, they often remember their own fond memories of play-based learning. Our virtual learning option is no different!

“When I first heard that Kindergarten would be taught virtually, I thought to myself, ‘It will never be play-based.’ Was I wrong! You have managed to make this an exceptional play-based program virtually. I thought it could never be done. Thank you so much for all of your efforts – I really hope that when E goes to school in person, he has a dedicated, kind and caring teacher like you.”

-OCSB Virtual Kindergarten Parent

Caring communities

Here’s what one of our virtual Kindergarten teachers had to say about her classroom community: 

“I really was uncertain how we were going to develop a caring community of friends virtually, especially because I have a mix of students from 4 different schools. I have been truly amazed at how much the Kinders pay attention to who is not in class that day. Many prayers go out to these students when they are absent, and many questions are asked about where they are and when they will be back.”

-OCSB Kindergarten Educator

Structured fun and celebration

We understand the importance of structure for our youngest learners. It not only supports your child’s wellbeing but helps their creativity thrive. We make a point of incorporating fun into your child’s schedule. Our students get to celebrate birthdays and cultural and spirit day events with their virtual classroom. 

“B’s classes have by far been the most organized and structured, so hats off to you! It’s so nice knowing B is in such good hands each day.”

– OCSB Virtual Kindergarten Parent

Developing independent learners

Our virtual Kindergarten educators observe that some of our Kindergarten students are displaying a faster rate of growth when it comes to independence, particularly when students don’t always have a parent right beside them.  

“Since we are not there, hands-on with the students, we must walk them through the technical issues, and other learning challenges virtually. They must become ‘listeners’ in this case and they are proud to show their parents that they can do it!”

-OCSB Kindergarten Educator

You can still send your child to Kindergarten this year!

If your child turns four by December 31 this year, you can still send your child to Kindergarten as long as you register them for school by Wednesday, October 28. Even if you don’t choose to send them to school until after Christmas, register now so you have options for later this year.

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