Welcome to Virtual Kindergarten

If your child is in virtual Kindergarten this year through our Elementary Virtual Program, we want to introduce you to your school Principal, Andrea Green, and welcome you to school. Whether your child is new in year one or returning for year 2, we know that choosing distance learning was a challenging decision for your family and want you to know we’re here to support you!

Will my child have to sit in front of a screen for an hour at a time?

No. This has been one of the biggest concerns we’ve been hearing from parents– your child will not be expected to sit in front of a screen for one hour at a time! Your child’s educator will reach out to you by Tuesday next week to introduce themselves and share information on how to login to your virtual learning space and give you an overview of what your child’s day will look like.

A fun activity for Kindergarten families!

So let’s get started! Over the weekend have fun working with your child to prepare your virtual classroom! 

First! Get a bin or a box and start filling it with materials to support your child’s learning. You’ll need pencils, crayons, scissors, glue and paper.

But also think of materials they can use to count and make patterns. You don’t need to buy anything– materials found in nature are great for this! Pine cones, shells, pebbles, acorns, or things from around your house. If you have dice or playing cards, put them in the bin too!

The second thing you can do is make alphabet and number cards with your child.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.

Thank you for choosing an Ottawa Catholic school

Finally, we know this will be an unusual year for us all, but I want to thank you for choosing a Catholic elementary school for your little one. Have fun and feel free to sing, chant, and dance along with your child. If you miss an hour or a day, don’t stress.  Life gets in the way sometimes. We’re all in this together, and we’re thankful you’re part of our virtual school.

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