Back to school – Hygiene routines

With the first day of school just around the corner, parents are looking for ways to prepare their children for a safe and successful return to school. Parents with children with special needs know safe routines help their children navigate challenging circumstances – and COVID 19 certainly falls into that category. These resources were designed with our special needs community in mind, but are also helpful to all families.

Hygiene routines at home and school

Help teach your child proper hygiene routines at home and school by watching this pre-recorded webinar. You will also learn techniques on how to help your child wear a mask properly and feel more comfortable while wearing a mask. The webinar is facilitated by Sarah Prince, OCSB Behaviour Analyst, and Becky Carter, our Board’s ASD/ABA Lead.

Wearing a Mask

Social Narratives for Wearing Masks
Teach Learners with Autism to Wear Masks Video


Social Narratives for Handwashing
Visual Task Analysis
Video Models & Songs

Physical Distancing

Visual Songs/ Youtube Clips
Social Stories
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