OCSB Check-ins– Help us spread the word!

We know that life at home during this pandemic has been and continues to be challenging. Our educators have been reaching out to students to make sure they are okay, and to ensure they have what they need to learn from home

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been able to reach many OCSB families and provide the families most in need with Chromebooks and internet sticks so students can learn from home during this period of school closures. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reach every family, so we’re calling out to our OCSB community to help us spread the word so every student can access the support they need to be well and learn.

If you know of a family in need, you can encourage them to contact their school principal. They will happily have a confidential conversation to ensure that the family receives the support they need to be well and keep learning during this challenging time of extended school closures.

5 Tips to Keep Connected

  1. Follow the OCSB. We continue to post updates related to COVID-19 and school closures on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Answer your phone. If you get a call from an unknown caller, answer it! That could be your teacher reaching out to make sure your child is okay and has the resources they need to learn from home.
  3. Reach out to families in your child’s class. If you have the contact information for other families in your child’s class, reach out and ask them how they’re doing. Find out if they’ve been able to connect with your teacher and ask if they need any support to learn from home.
  4. Spread the word. Let other families know the OCSB has been trying to reach out and we have resources to support learning. We can only help if we know the need!
  5. Be kind and patient. Many people in our community wear multiple hats– parent, doctor, brother, sister, nurse, grocery store worker, child, student, support worker, and the list goes on! Physical distancing is difficult for all of us, and many people are fighting battles we don’t know about. Love is like super-glue to a community, and absolutely essential in times like these. 

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