Student Achievement and Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand!

When a child feels they are part of a community, listened to, and appreciated in their classroom surroundings – learning happens organically. 

Childhood doesn’t come with a how-to manual. But what we do know all children benefit from developing skills designed to help them navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.  

Did you know? All of our schools have a social-emotional learning team. Their role is to help classroom teachers, create a welcoming and encouraging learning spaces, which in turn, brings the entire school community together. This breeds goodwill and nurtures a sense of empathy and harmony among staff, students and the school community.

We also know educators play a critical role in fostering student well-being. At the OCSB, we have adopted the “The Third Path: A Relationship-based Approach to Student Well-being and Achievement.” The Third Path framework aligns with much of the work already being done in our schools.

The Third Path model spells out the what, why and how of education. In its simplest terms, what is the tools of learning – the curriculum. Why is the goal of learning – human development, and how is a relationship-based approach to learning.  

So what does that mean?

It means our students are fortunate to benefit from a range of mental health and wellness initiatives and supports. Every school has access to a team of mental health professionals to assist school staff and families in maximizing the potential of all students. 

We recognize some students will require additional support to help them attain their potential. For these students, we offer a variety of individual and group interventions to support their needs. Including stress management, how to make and keep friendships, healthy coping strategies, and psychoeducation regarding substance use. We also work side by side with community mental health partners to help our most vulnerable students who are facing more severe and lasting challenges. 

When it comes to the mental health and well-being of our students, we all have a role to play.

Read our Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy to learn how we support the mental health of our students.

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