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St. Peter SHSM program connects Ottawa with Los Angeles, California

Manon Séguin, Superintendent of Special Education and Student Services

Students in the Arts & Culture Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program complete a variety of certifications with industry professionals. These further expand partnerships within various industries and provide experiential learning opportunities for students.

The Arts & Culture SHSM program at St. Peter High School shares a unique relationship with the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orléans.

Deborah Kealey, Principal of St. Peter High School, along with staff and students offered the Board a glimpse into #Be Innovative: Partnerships from Los Angeles to Ottawa. The presentation highlighted how students are being innovative as they explore a multi-year partnership with former student Arturo Perez Jr. and his wife Jayne. Both Arturo and Jayne are accomplished actors and directors now based in Los Angeles, California.

“What ensures the innovation of our SHSM programs are the numerous and varied partnerships that have been cultivated by the staff.” – 

Deborah Kealey

Principal, St. Peter High School

Eco initiatives and environmental awareness

Shelley Montgomery, Superintendent of Leading and Learning

The Ontario EcoSchools program addresses the care and protection of the environment. This program engages students in environmentally responsible practices and helps them develop ecological literacy. Schools can participate in an annual certification process that recognizes achievements in energy conservation, waste minimization, school ground greening, and the development of environmental awareness.

Students and teachers from St. Gabriel School shared highlights of the school’s eco program with the Board, such as:


  • Green Squad of students with elected student leaders
  • Griffin’s Grove and Greening project with student’s as guardians of the forest
  • Neighborhood partnership for the WWF Kids Run for Nature
  • Waste free lunches and community education on eco initiatives
  • Annual eco learning fair

Indigenous wellness, engagement, and achievement

Shelley Montgomery, Superintendent of Leading and Learning

The Board works diligently to improve Indigenous student wellness, engagement, and achievement while building relationships with elders in the Indigenous communities. This year, 860 Indigenous students have self-identified from K-12. Dedicated learning partners work to build capacity in the schools to provide culturally appropriate resources to all schools and panels as well as to provide a multitude of professional learning opportunities for educators.

Marina Westbrook, Indigenous Learning Partner, Tracy Mertz, Principal of St. Emily Elementary School and Carrie Bowie, Principal of St. Patrick High School shared the work of our educators and learning partners with the Board. These individuals, represent the amazing team of educators both at the system and school levels and the Indigenous Education Action Committee.

Photo (from left to right): Mark D. Mullan, Chairperson; John Curry, Trustee; Shelley Lawrence, RSCJ, Trustee; Nate Waddell, St. Mark student and Student Trustee; Nicholas Curcio, St. Pius X student; Josette Bosc, FSL Consultant; and Glen Armstrong, Trustee.

Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (DELF)

Manon Séguin, Superintendent of Special Education and Student Services

The DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française – Diploma in French Language Studies), an official qualification awarded by the French Ministry of Education, certifies the linguistic competency of candidates studying French as a second language. Recognized in over 170 countries, a DELF certificate is valid for life. The OCSB has been administering this test to our high school students for six years.

Josette Bosc, French Language Consultant in Intermediate/Secondary Student Success, outlined the history of our Board’s participation in DELF certification and its importance as a world-wide standard. Josette was joined by current students, Nicholas Curcio from St. Pius X High School, and Student Trustee Nate Waddell from St. Mark High School.

“I was proud of accomplishing my DELF level, and feel I am now more employable when I leave school.”

Nate Waddell

St. Mark High School student and Student Trustee

“We were well prepared for the test by our teacher. Not only have I received a pay increase at work because of passing DELF, I have gained confidence continuing to study French in university.” 

Nicholas Curcio

St. Pius X High School student

News from the Boardroom Summary

This April 9, 2019 blog post covers the following topics:


  • St. Peter SHSM program connects Ottawa with Los Angeles
  • Eco initiatives and environmental awareness
  • Indigenous wellness, engagement, and achievement
  • Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (DELF)
  • S&P Global 2019 Rating Report
  • City request for easement at St. Martin de Porres
  • New Principal and Vice-Principal assignments

Briefs from the Boardroom


S&P Global 2019 Rating Report

Lisa Schimmens, Superintendent of Finance and Administration

S&P Global Ratings has concluded its annual review of the OCSB, and released a A+/Stable outlook, the highest possible rating presently for school boards in Ontario.


City request for easement at St. Martin de Porres

Fred Chrystal, Superintendent of Planning and Facilities

The Board approved an easement at St. Martin de Porres School. As the affected property is completely outside of the fenced area that the school uses, the easement and City works will have no impact on the school.


New Principal and Vice-Principal assignments

Denise Andre, Director of Education

The Board of Trustees approved the appointments and transfers of Principals and Vice-Principals effective September 3, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.

Principal assignments

All Saints HighRyan Larose
Dr. F.J. McDonaldCindy Bissonnette
Frank Ryan IntermediateMichael Raso
Holy Spirit Julie Hanna
Monsignor Paul BaxterMark Kennedy
St. AndrewJulie Fortier
St. BenedictMichael Schreider
St. BrigidCarrie-Ann Gravel
St. Catherine Chantal Soucy
St. CeciliaJody Prevost
St. Elizabeth Ann SetonAnn Beauchamp
St. Francis Xavier HighSean Kelly
St. George Roisin Philippe
St. Jerome Tim Slack
St. John the Apostle Nathalie Roy
St. Leonard Shelly Lyonnais
St. Mother Teresa HighJulie Mathe
St. Patrick Greg Rusch

Vice-Principal assignments

All Saints HighAlison Strucchelli
Assumption Joanne Wink (.5)
Guardian Angels Christine Pepin
Holy Redeemer Christine Queen (.5)
Holy Trinity HighStacy Hovey
Notre Dame High Dean Mariani
Prince of Peace Charlene Davidson (.5)
Sacred Heart High Mary-Jane Gillier-Symes
Sacred Heart High Alanna Vandewint
St. AnneVincenza Nicoletti
St. CeciliaLori Ann Hannigan
St. DominicLina Belanger (.5)
St. Emily Stephen Tierney
St. George Teri Shurb (.5)
St. Joseph HighJennifer Peppler
St. Leonard Alison Hicks (.5)
St. Michael, OttawaTraci Nehme (.5)
St. Matthew HighJohn-Kevin (J.K.) Flynn
St. Mother Teresa HighRyan Jolicoeur
St. Patrick’s HighPhilippe Cossette
St. Paul High Michelle Gauthier
St. Peter HighKim Swerdfeger
St. Pius X HighChristine Khan-Tayler

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