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The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) will soon be inviting all students to submit their literary works to our very own French online library. La bibliothèque virtuelle FSL OCSB will be launched Board-wide in January 2019. The FSL Virtual Library is a web platform that allows students to publish short stories online for others in the OCSB community to enjoy, enabling students to share their success as French writers and readers.

The idea was first presented to the Board of Trustees in April 2018. Since then, La bibliothèque virtuelle FSL OCSB has generated a lot of interest. Initiated by Lina Bélanger, an FSL teacher at Our Lady of Wisdom School, and her Grade 5/6 students in Extended French, this collaborative project allows all OCSB students to share their love of reading and writing in French as a Second Language (FSL).

Students will be invited to create French virtual books using Google Slides. This Google platform allows other OCSB students to easily access and read the virtual books. Within the Google Slides app, students already have full access to the Google Read & Write extension. This provides many functions to support their reading, such as a read aloud option. Young authors will foster their communication and creative skills while having the opportunity to illustrate their ideas through visuals. All submissions will be edited and approved before they are published.

La bibliothèque virtuelle FSL OCSB is a Deep Learning opportunity that will enhance our students’ ability to be creative and collaborative while connecting with other students within our OCSB community. The Board is pleased to share this innovative resource with the OCSB community — virtual French books generated by our very own students! Stay tuned in January 2019 for easy and friendly instructions on how to access La bibliothèque virtuelle FSL OCSB and how to get published!

“This learning partnership is the beginning of a wide collection of French resources which will enrich the language competencies of our FSL students. This project aligns with the Ministry of Ontario’s FSL Framework Provincial Goals and the OCSB’s three year FSL plan. The goals and plan are aimed to increase students’ confidence, proficiency, achievement, retention, and engagement in French.” Amélie Roy

FSL Educational Consultant (K-6), OCSB

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