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On the last day of school, me and my Grade 2 class made a “finger-knitting” rope that stretched around our whole school, St. Leonard’s. My friend Ethan showed Ms. White, my teacher, some of the finger-knitting he was doing, and Ms. White wanted for the class to work together to show each other how to do it. I watched a pair of two people and learned all on my own. Then, we had this great idea that we could try and make it around the whole school. It took from November until the last day of class. That’s almost the whole year! We all finger-knitted during our free time at school when we wanted to, and Ms. White let us do it on some Friday afternoons. Ms. White even had yarn in the prize bin in class.

The whole point that we did it around the school was for an activity with measurement. We gathered up all of the pieces we were working on, and tied them together. Some grade sixers helped us with it. We finally made it around the whole school, with all of us holding it together, and the whole class yelled like crazy! One of the wool ropes snapped, you see, because finger-knitting can be all scrunched up in your backpack, but when you stretch it, it gets thin. That’s science.

I’m so happy I learned how to finger-knit. It’s very relaxing to do in your free time and it calms me down when I need it. I do it before bed, in the car, wherever. All you need is your hand and some wool. I’m pretty sure people who only have one hand could do it too, so that’s really good. Ms. White really made this activity special for us. We were having so much fun, we didn’t even know we were learning! She’s a really good teacher. She brings the spirit out in me, and gives me courage to be better. I wonder what I’ll do next year in Grade 3!


How to Finger Knit

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