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This year, 35 students from the Ottawa Catholic School Board had the exciting experience of competing in the 2018 Skills Ontario Competition in Toronto. Supported by their proud teachers, these students were challenged to put their skilled trades and technology skills to use as they were presented with timed challenges that pushed their abilities to the limit.

Among these 35 dedicated students were Christopher Hearty and Heejo Suh from St. Mother Teresa High School. They were given a small time window to create a complex 3D character animation, utilizing skills they learned in Mario Francoeur’s technology class. With their versatile skill set in sketch modelling, animatics, character rigging, time management, and teamwork, they were able to take home a gold medal and move onto the Skills Canada National Competition.

Beyond the medals, it really is the recognition and opportunity this annual competition creates for our students that is so invaluable. Sam Turgeon-Brabazon who graduated St. Mother Teresa High School in 2015 reflects:

“Skills Compétences Canada gave me the opportunity to represent my peers and my school board on a provincial and national level. It provided me with the incredible opportunity to network with students, prominent celebrities and high profile industry leaders from across the country, something I had never dreamt of before then as a student.”

The continued success of our students in skilled trades and technology fields is a testament to the excellent technological education programs at the Ottawa Catholic School Board, which prepare our students to be part of a highly skilled workforce.

Congratulations to all of our students who participated this year. We can’t wait to see what we’re able to accomplish in the Skills Ontario Competition in 2019!

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