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During the last Board meeting of the school year, the Board of Trustees and senior administration from the OCSB bid a fond and thankful farewell to outgoing members of the Catholic School Parents’ Association (CSPA), Cathy Philpott and Susan Elsdon. Photo above (from left to right: Joanne MacEwan, Vice Chairperson; Susan Elsdon; Elaine McMahon, Chairperson; and Cathy Philpott.

Each year, the Chair of the Catholic School Parents’ Association (CSPA) and the Board’s Parental Involvement Committee (PIC) come to the Board table to outline their activities from the past year. For a group of busy volunteers, the list is long and impressive. The jewel in the crown is always the number of programs, speakers, and number of events held to inform and support other parents. View a complete list of events and details on funding for CSPA.

Outgoing student trustees Grace Evans and Sam Hernandez were also thanked for a year of diligent work being the voice of students at the Board table and at events. Photo below (from left to right): Thomas D’Amico, Associate Director of Education; Sam Henriques; Elaine McMahon, Chairperson; Joanne MacEwan, Vice Chairperson; Grace Evans; Denise Andre, Director of Education; and Ben Vallati, Superintendent of Continuing and Community Education.

Professional learning for staff in mathematics

Mary Donaghy, Superintendent of Student Success, Elementary

The Board was updated on the past year’s focus on professional learning in mathematics as a key element of the renewed math strategy. Learning opportunities included:

  • full day Principal meetings by panel
  • six breakout sessions for Principals by panel as part of monthly Catholic Learning Leaders meeting
  • other professional learning opportunities for educators and administrators
  • an optional learning series by Dr. Martina Koch.

Other tools to support learning are a collaborative math workspace for shared resources, online access to the National Council of Teachers’ hands on/practical mathematics magazines for all grade levels, and voice-annotated slide decks.

ocsb-image-SEAC_LogoSpecial Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) report

The Chairperson of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC), Helen McRobbie, thanked the Board and Trustees for its ongoing support of students with student needs. Ms. McRobbie pointed out how gratifying it was that the three areas where SEAC gave input in the budget process were all reflected in the final budget (i.e. more Educational Assistants to be hired, building capacity about students with special needs in relevant professional development activities, and improving mental health services.)


Update on capital construction activities

Fred Chrystal, Superintendent of Planning and Facilities

The Board was provided with a comprehensive update to the Board on major construction projects. View the full presentation with photos. Highlights include:

  • new school opening September 2018 – St. Isabel School in North Kanata
  • new addition to Holy Redeemer School for September 2019
  • addition to St. Patrick’s High School for September 2018
  • changes to the kindergarten classrooms and Learning Commons at Our Lady of Victory School
  • enlarging the port-a-pack at St. Gemma School
  • new gym addition to St. Joseph High School
  • continuing work on the Immaculata High School artificial turf field

News from the Boardroom Summary (June 26, 2018)

This blog post covers the following topics:

  • Parent involvement improves because of devoted volunteers
  • Professional learning for staff in mathematics
  • Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) report
  • Update on capital construction activities
  • New attendance option area for St. Patrick School
  • Principal appointed to Superintendent at CDSBEO
  • Portable requirements for 2018
  • Holy Redeemer School addition
  • Requests for school excursions
  • Election Compliance Audit Committee chosen

Briefs from the Boardroom


New attendance option area for St. Patrick School

In order to help balance the size of St. Joseph High School and St. Mother Teresa High Schools, St. Patrick Elementary School families will now be given the option to attend either school. Kelly, maybe you can thumbnail map and enlarge. Read more about the new option area at


Principal appointed to Superintendent at CDSBEO

Congratulations were extended to Norma McDonald, Principal of Immaculata High School, who has been appointed as Superintendent with the Catholic Eastern Ontario District School Board (CDSBEO), effective August 13, 2018. Sean Power, currently Vice-Principal at Lester B. Pearson High School, has been appointed Principal of Immaculata High School, effective September 4, 2018.


Portable requirements for 2018

The Board requires 25 portables for the next school year in order to meet the needs of enrolment growth in certain areas. Ten portables will be relocated from St. Gabriel School and 15 new units have been purchased. Adjustments for the number of portables may need to be made as the new year gets under way.


Holy Redeemer School addition

Pending approval of certain contractual and approval matters, the Board has awarded the construction contract for the addition at Holy Redeemer school to Tofcon Construction Inc., in the amount of $4,649,352 plus taxes.


Requests for school excursions

The following school excursions were approved by the Board:

  • Holy Trinity High School, Eastern Europe, March 6-15, 2019
  • Sacred Heart High School, Iceland, October 3-8, 2018
  • All Saints High School, Dominican Republic, February 15-22, 2019
  • Sacred Heart High School, Italy, March 7-17, 2019
  • All Saints, Sacred Heart and St. Mother Teresa High Schools, London and France, May 10-18, 2019
  • Sacred Heart High School, Wales and England, February 15-22, 2019

Election Compliance Audit Committee chosen

Candidates were interviewed to be members of the joint OCSB/OCDSB Election Compliance Audit Committee serving a four year term commencing December 1, 2018. Five members and an alternate were selected. Candidates were required to show they possessed knowledge around campaign finance rules/accounting principles as well as stating political neutrality and no affiliation with either school board.

  • Monica Ceschia; Jessica Faure; Jason HuangStephen Matthew; Jeffrey Smith; Alternate: Safah Quadiri

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