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On May 16th and 17th, I attended our 24th annual Elementary School Peace Festival. Students from across our Board gathered to share their ideas and affirm their commitment to make the world a better place. As a Catholic community, we not only teach about our faith, our students and staff express their faith through their actions. We heard of projects including recycling initiatives, raising funds for medical research, donating hair, feeding and clothing the homeless, peer ambassadors, and many more. Leadership is evident from the very young to the older students in the school, and their ability to articulate this in front of hundreds of students is truly inspiring.
We celebrate the feast of Pentecost this weekend, concluding the Easter season in our Church. In Sunday’s Gospel reading, Jesus greets his disciples with the words “Peace be with you.” At the OCSB, we see daily the works of mercy and compassion, for justice and peace in our schools and for our world.

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