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2017 Youth Award - Prix jeunesse

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Grade 10 Holy Trinity High School student Sarah Becker has been awarded a Community Safety Award from Crime Prevention Ottawa for her work on a safety backpack for cyclists. Accompanied by Holy Trinity High School, Lisa Cameron, and Teacher Brigitte Bernier, Sarah demonstrated the features of her entrepreneurial endeavour to the Board of Trustees.

Inclusion inspires innovation for DE system classes

Manon Séguin, Superintendent Special Education and Student Services

Students in the Developmental Education System Class present with complex medical and physical needs. Teachers need to be creative when developing programming goals and providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning. Assistive technology has allowed for new and innovative ways for students to engage in their learning.


Special Beamz Performance

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Pamela McCulloch, Coordinator of Special Education and Student Services, and Nancy Kawaja, Itinerant Resource Teacher, Assistive Technology, presented findings on assessing ability in the Board’s Developmental Education (DE) Special Education System Class, and how inclusion inspires innovation for OCSB students. Leveraging digital assistive technologies helps students reach their potential and support learning, bringing supports in literacy, music, and dignity in a fun and engaging way. View the presentation.

Hackergals Hackathon Day

Brenda Wilson, Superintendent of Learning Technologies

The Hackergal Hackathon is a full-day, in-classroom program targeted at girls in grades 6-9. Hackergal has partnered with public and private schools across Ontario and 2017 to mark Hackergal’s 3rd Annual Hackathon. Girls from Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver participated in Hackathons simultaneously from coast to coast on December 13, 2017. The vision was to engage girls across Canada to participate in the largest all-girls hackathon in Canadian history and to create a curious and empowered group of next generation developers.

Hackergal introduces girls to the unlimited possibilities of coding via a Virtual Hackathon Kit developed by Hackergal’s team of experts. The Virtual Kit serves as a “plug and play” system for educators who have little to no experience in hosting hackathons. These “plug and play” hackathons are conducted in the classroom at no cost.

In addition to participation of schools who signed up through the website, the OCSB has entered a partnership with the federal government’s Chief Information Officer Branch with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. Five OCSB schools were invited to join the program and each of them hosted a Chief Information Officer to help them on the day of the Hackathon. Our Lady of Peace, Sacred Heart High School, St. Emily, St. Francis Assisi, and St. Joseph High School and were chosen because of their keen interest in initiatives such as makerspaces, the Hour of Code, and teaching through robotics.

Sacred Heart High School Principal Brent Hopkins, along with Teacher Samantha Scully and two students from the school shared their experiences from the day. Once of the girls commented, “It was nice to show off to my dad that I learned how to code in one day.” View the presentation.

News from the Boardroom Summary (January 9, 2018)

This blog post covers the following topics:

  • Holy Trinity’s Sarah Becker is a student entrepreneur
  • Student Trustees presentation provides insight
  • Inclusion inspires innovation for DE system classes
  • Hackergals Hackathon Day
  • March 13, 2018 Board meeting cancelled

Briefs from the Boardroom


March 13, 2018 Board meeting cancelled

The Board approved the cancellation of the March 13, 2018 Board meeting since the date falls during March Break.

Student Trustees presentation provides insight

Ben Vallati, Superintendent of Continuing and Community Education

Student Trustees offer a student perspective during regular Board meetings, and serve to provide insight on how the Board can best meet the need of students. This year’s Student Trustees, Grace Evans and Samuel Henriques, presented their first of two reports to the Board on January 9, 2018. They shared insight about school student councils, the student senate budget, and the election process. Grace thanked the Board for its support and encouragement for their work as thus far. Sam expressed how wonderful the position has been as an experience to meet leaders, educators and student leaders, realizing that everyone has the same goal of supporting school communities. View the presentation.

“What a fantastic experience for these students! 11 girls with varied levels of knowledge all coming together to imagine, create and achieve. No student felt left out or left behind. The collaboration was incredible. The most valuable outcome for me, was witnessing students who normally struggle academically, excel at coding. At the end of the day, every girl expressed their enjoyment of the day. They all said how much fun they had.”

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