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The Ottawa Catholic School Board has returned Trustee Elaine McMahon as Chairperson for a fourth term, as voted by the Board of Trustees at the OCSB Annual General meeting on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Elaine McMahon is the Trustee for Zone 6, Knoxdale-Merivale/College, and has served as an OCSB Trustee since 2014. The Board also returned Trustee Joanne MacEwan as Vice-Chairperson for a second term. Joanne MacEwan is the Trustee for Zone 5, Beacon Hill-Cyrville/Innes and has served as an OCSB Trustee since 2012.

The Most Rev. Christian Riesbeck, CC, V.G. presided over a Mass with co-celebrant Board Chaplain Peter Sanders before the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Trustees was joined by the OCSB Executive, as well as many special guests from the OCSB community. Parents and family members of 75 students were also present to enjoy a beautiful and moving performance by the OCSB’s Children’s Choir to commemorate the special annual meeting.

Denise Andre, Director of Education, presented the 2017 Director’s Annual Report to the Board of Trustees. The report highlights the accomplishments of the Board over the past year. Focused on the Board’s Priorities, Multi-Year Strategic Plan, and Deep Learning Framework, the report illustrates how students are gaining global competencies through a faith-filled lens.

“I am very proud of our Board and our many accomplishments, thanks to the work of our dedicated staff, engaged parents and inspiring students.  We are blessed to have a supportive Board of Trustees who effectively govern, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to reach their God-given potential.” Denise Andre

Director of Education, OCSB

“The Board strives to ensure the Gospel Values are alive in each and every one of our schools. Our staff works hard to create an equitable environment for all  while ensuring that each student’s journey through our schools prepares them to be faith-filled citizens of the world.  I would like to thank my fellow trustees for their harmonious support and I will do my best as we work together in the coming year.” Elaine McMahon

Chairperson, OCSB

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